We are responding to the discriminating, budget-conscious bride and groom! Although wedding costs can be a concern for many couples, BÁSICO (bah-si-ko), our new branch, has an emphasis on affordability.

It is a collective of handpicked, talented, highly experienced film- and video-industry professionals. BÁSICO shoots and produces elegant, simple, modern yet timeless wedding videos. Production is done with taste and style. Like Weddings on Film, it has a strict No Cheese! policy.

A wide range of pricing options is available to suit your esthetics and your budget. For example, for the minimalist, packages start as low as $1500 for unedited single-camera footage on DVD. Find out how BÁSICO can preserve your special day at a remarkably low cost.

Be sure to check out the Demo Movies page.


From the creators of Weddings on Film

Photo credits clockwise from left: Stephanie Pool, Cheryl Mac, Tinywater, Chrisman Studios